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When to Hit Your 1RM

I was once there, too. I wanted to MAX out every other week. "Let's see how much I can lift today!!" This was happening often when I first started lifting. I wanted to take advantage of those newbie gains a little too much. Then I became a trainer, got some experience under my belt, and reviewed research to learn that's a no-no. 1 rep maxes would likely be performed 1-3x per year depending on your program and goals. Each person will follow a similar pattern of phases: Stabilization - Endurance - Hypertrophy - Strength - Power

Those who have been lifting for a while will likely skip stabilization, and not everyone will do hypertrophy. With each phase lasting between 8-16 weeks, that leaves you with about 1-3 max out weeks per year. Following these phases allows your body to continue to adapt, strengthen, and improve year after year. It also allows for proper recovery, reduces risk of injury, and keeps things interesting as we continue to do the same movement patterns (squat, hinge, push, pull, carry) 5-ever. Whether someone's a weightlifter, endurance athlete, Crossfitter, powerlifter, or a just-livin'-my-life-r, they all strength train with phases or seasons. Know that muscle can be gained, strength can be built, endurance can be improved, mobility can be enhanced, and fat can be lost in every phase. That's where nutrition comes in ;). Cheers to safe and intentional lifting!


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