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Highlands Ranch Personal Trainer
Hey, what's up, hello! 

I'm Katharine Moustakes.

A personal trainer + ceo + running coach + dog mom + adventurer who enjoys summit views with snacks

Now, you're probably

wondering how I got here.

KATHLETICS was created in 2017.

I had just changed careers to personal training after working as an Event Coordinator for a few years after college. I quickly discovered I ultimately wanted to work for myself in the long-run. Without giving it much thought, I purchased an LLC for KATHLETICS. Here we are seven plus years later, helping hundreds of women and men become stronger, faster, and more confident versions of themselves.

Online Personal Trainer

but, I wasn't always an athlete...

In fact, going through my own fitness journey in college was the start of my experience with training.


I went from being a

cardio bunny

gym-rat & minimal cardio

the hybrid athlete I am today.

This is where I found my calling to do both:

hybrid for trails and hybrid for lifestyle.

Personal Trainer for Hikers

For trails,

I provide adventurers the tools to feel strong, fast, and stable both on and off the trails.

You can access this through my free content and

For lifestyle,

I give professionals a comprehensive approach to strength and endurance for overall health, quality of life, and longevity.

You can access this through my free content and

Denver Personal Trainer

Meeting you where you are is at the core of KATHLETICS.

I believe how you approach fitness is completely individual.


- NASM Certified Personal Trainer

- UESCA Certified Running Coach

- AFPA Certified Prenatal and Postpartum Fitness Specialist

- Precision Nutrition L1 Coach

- CPR / AED and First Aid

- Wilderness First Aid


- Snow Mountain Ranch Trail 10K

- Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim

- Dolomites Alta 1 and 2

- Golden Gate 10K

- Madeira PR1

- Corporate Cup 10K


- West Virginia Trail Fest 30K

Grand Canyon Rim to Rim Trail Runner
When I’m not training a client, working on my laptop, or posting free content, you can likely find me:
Hiking in Italy
Overlanding 4Runner
Katharine Post Run

- Hangin’ with the fam

- Exploring the outdoors by foot

- Stargazing from my rooftop tent

- Picking up weight and setting it down

- Listening to an audio book

- Baking goodies


I may wear many hats, but I'm hooman first.

And this human made you some freebies.

Check 'em out:

Download my Training Guide to your First 14er

Learn how to train, how to prepare, and what to bring on your first 14er or big hike.

Training Guide to your First 14er
Fueling Guide for the Trails

Download my fueling Guide for the trails

Learn how you can benefit and incorporate intra-workout food, water, and electrolytes and ultimately improve your trail training experience.

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Welcome to the fam!

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