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Highlands Ranch Trainer

Hey there.

It's me, Katharine!

I'm a non-athlete turned lifter, hiker, and runner, who's here to educate, coach, and learn.

My purpose is to provide you with a no-BS approach to gaining strength, endurance, and confidence.

I fell into a poor relationship with my body, food, and exercise while in college. Over the years, I made mistakes with over-training, under-eating, and over-eating. That experience lead me to my career as a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Precision Nutrition L1 Coach, and UESCA Certified Running Coach. Once I learned how to properly train and fuel my body, the game changed. I went from only doing cardio and eating like a bird, to lifting heavy weight and hiking advanced trails while fueling for performance.

Currently, I am on a mission to educate weekend warriors how to gain strength and endurance for outdoor adventures. I believe everyone should feel strong and confident in their abilities to participate in any activity. Whether that's hiking in the depths of the mountains, running on a wide open trail, or carrying groceries into your home (we're team #OneTrip 'round here).

Are you ready to gain strength, endurance, and confidence?

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