Do you want to take your outdoor adventures to the next level, but you're not sure how?

The KATHLETICS Trail program is built for weekend warriors who want to gain strength and stability for hiking, trail running, and cycling.

Regardless of season, this program will keep you type-2-fun-ready year-round.

Hiking, trail running, and road cycling require strength, stability, and endurance built off the trail.

KATHLETICS Trail program offers clarity and structure to help you gain strength for all of your outdoor adventures.

With the programming KATHLETICS Trail offers,

you will be unstoppable!


What you get:

- Membership to KATHLETICS app

- 3 lifting workouts + cardio and endurance workouts

- Suggested warm-up & cool down

- Workouts updated weekly to encourage progressive overload

- Demo videos with explanations for all exercises

- Easy to follow descriptions of sets, reps, tempo, rest times, and weights

- Accountability via app-messaging from your coach & community

- Exclusive Strava club

- Progress tracking capabilities

- Client exclusive resources


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Equipment used: barbell, dumbbells, kettlebells, and bench/box.

Modifications will be provided for those without equipment.

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