Made for the individual who...


Wants a no-BS approach to fitness.

Is ready to take their fitness to the next level.


Needs an effective strength training program to achieve their hiking, trail running, or cycling goals.

What you get:

- Membership to KATHLETICS app

- Customized workouts based on your goals, availability, and lifestyle

- Demo videos with explanations for all exercises

- Easy to follow descriptions of sets, reps, tempo, rest times, and weights

- Exercise form checks from your coach (me!)

- Goal setting and accountability

- Habit checklists and tracking capabilities

- Client exclusive resources

- Weekly check-ins via app-messaging

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What people are saying

Katharine has been so helpful getting me back to a regular workout schedule, after I fell off for a couple months. She’s fun to work with, super attentive to correcting my asymmetrical movement patterns and helped me create some achievable, motivating goals!

- Shantai W.

The personalized program helps you achieve your goals in a realistic, never-stressful, fun way.

- Suzanne K.

Katharine not only made a personalized workout routine and schedule for me, but she's also made accommodations for my health and injury to make workouts fun but good for my body!

- Alexa F.

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