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virtually and in-home in highlands ranch, colorado

Virtual Personal Trainer

I believe

meeting you where you are is the golden ticket to achieving your fitness and performance goals.

Let's master the basics, so you can feel confident in your training and stay accountable for the long-term.

Does this sound familiar?

- working out without a structured or progressively overloaded plan

- struggling to see an improvement in strength, endurance, or performance

- questioning your lifting form

- searching for accountability, but ultimately losing momentum

- avoiding strength and/or cardiovascular training because you're unsure what's optimal for you

Yup. Can relate.

Not sure if personal training is for yOU? Let's see if this clarifies it:

Highlands Ranch Personal Trainer

Train with me if you'd like to...

Follow a personalized progressive program to improve your strength, endurance, and performance.


Learn proper exercise form to train confidently, safely, and effectively.

Sustainably approach hybrid fitness.

Receive expert training and accountability from the comfort of your own home.

Use little-to-no equipment, a full gym, and everything in between to get your workout on.

Serving the Highlands Ranch, CO area for in-home training and nationwide for virtual training.

What you get:

- Membership to KATHLETICS app

- Customized 45 minute resistance training workouts following progressive overload

- Personalized cardiovascular training plan

- Access to workouts to complete outside of our sessions including: demo videos with explanations for all exercises, and easy to follow descriptions of sets, reps, tempo, rest times, and weights

- Goal setting & accountability

​- New workout plan every 4-8 weeks depending on fitness experience, abilities, and adherence
​- 1:1 messaging with Katharine
​- Progress tracking capabilities
​- Client-only resources

3-month commitment required, then can cancel any time.

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Online Training App

How it works:

Schedule your complimentary consultation and movement assessment in Highlands Ranch or virtually.


Complete consultation and movement assessment with Katharine.

Sign up for the personal training package that suits your wants and needs.


Receive your welcome email.

Set up your profile in ABC Trainerize.

Review and complete all onboarding materials.

Begin your personal training with Katharine!

What people are saying

Katharine is hands down the best trainer I have ever worked with and with whom I’ve seen incredible results. She is super knowledgeable, patient, and a great communicator. It is very important to me to avoid injury as much as possible, and I love that she has designed and tailored a program for me that pushes me, but also allows me to recover before the next workout so I can continue to progress.

- Priya, 11+ months with KATHLETICS 

If you're like me and you're aiming to enlist a personal trainer to help you build strength to protect your joints from chronic illness, manage stress/anxiety, do more with your body, and heal *sustainably*, Katharine is the PERFECT trainer for you. She really meets you where you are at, knows when and how to push you a bit further, and helps you shift from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset.

- Sam, 2.5+ years with KATHLETICS

I love Katharine's approach to wellness and fitness. Her program is sustainable, even for busy people don't think they have time for fitness. Katharine is supportive and goal-oriented.

- Ronda, 3+ years with KATHLETICS



Virtual personal TRAINING


3x/week: $462 bi-weekly payments

2x/week: $324 bi-weekly payments

1x/week: $172 bi-weekly payments

Offered nationwide.



3x/week: $750 bi-weekly payments

2x/week: $540 bi-weekly payments

1x/week: $310 bi-weekly payments

Serving the Highlands Ranch, CO area.

Schedule Consultation
complimentary CONSULTATION
What are your main goals?

Thank you for your submission. I will email you within the next business day.

I'm Katharine Moustakes.

Personal Trainer + Running Coach

If you’re like me, you want to gain strength, build endurance, and improve performance by following a plan specific to you and your body.


You want to learn how to set realistic and sustainable goals, perform exercises properly and safely, AND have fun while doing it. Fitness is only a small part of your life. Finding time to get your lifts and cardio done isn't easy, so you want to maximize your time when it comes to training. Nail down the basics in 45 minutes, complete your cardio as you see fit, and get to doin' the things you love most.

Katharine Moustakes
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