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What to do when fitness feels stressful

The funny thing about fitness is that it reduces stress, but at times it can become stressful due to time constraints, work load, or personal factors.

As I always tell you, if training is going to cause more stress than relieve it, don't do it. You can try again tomorrow.

But before you decide whether it's a yes or a no, ask yourself how you think you'll feel afterwards. Will you feel slightly better, or slightly worse?

If it ends up being a no-go, ask yourself a few more questions:

If not a lifting session, how about a walk outside?

What if you put your gym clothes on and warm-up? Does that change anything?

Could you turn your RPE 8 day into an RPE 5?

What if you did some mobility work instead?


Something is always better than nothing.

There is a healthy gray area between forcing it and saying f it.

A win-win scenario exists, you just have to define it.

Taking a step back doesn't have to mean giving up or quitting. It simply means taking a step back now to have more capacity later.

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