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Transitioning from vacation to routine

Summer is the big vacation season. Traveling with your families, traveling with your S/O, traveling for work, etc. All of it is happening right now. In pre-pandemic times, it was pretty "normal" to do this, come back, and get right back into the swing of things.

For some of you, your travel went from 40-50% of the time, to +/-5% of the time for two years. That's a long time to get used to not traveling quite as much.

Here are a few friendly reminders to keep in mind this summer and moving forward:

1. It's okay to enjoy yourself on vacation. It's okay to try new cuisine and indulge a little more than usual. What's not okay is feeling guilty for eating delicious food on vacation. What's not okay is starving yourself after overeating.

2. It's okay to not workout on vacation. What's not okay is punishing yourself with doing extra training and cardio when you return.

3. It's okay to drink more alcohol than usual vacation. What's not okay is banning yourself from alcohol when you get home if it's something you regularly enjoy.

4. It's okay to stay up late or sleep in on vacation. Just know that when you return, getting back into a sleep routine is important.

Enjoy your vacation(s)! And give yourself some grace as you transition from vacation to routine.


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