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Nutrition at the office

It's common for your office to have candy, chips, pop, and other snacks readily available at the office. Your company wants you to feel at home at work; take what you want, what's mine is yours, sort of vibes.

I love that your company offers these amenities because sometimes you really do need a Snickers. But on the other hand, maybe the selection isn't quite on par with your current goals, or maybe it's hard to stop at just one Snickers. They're the bite size ones, right? Can't be too detrimental.

You're right, it isn't. Unless it's becoming an everyday, multiple times a day sort of deal.

There could be an underlying message here:

1. You're hungry because you didn't eat a big enough lunch.

2. You're bored and/or procrastinating some work tasks.

I'm sure there's several other potential underlying messages here, but these are going to be the most common.

So what do you do in this situation?

First things first, evaluate why it's happening in the first place. Are you hungry? Are you bored? Do you just want chocolate?

If you're hungry, take this as a sign to pack a bigger lunch for the next day.

If you're bored, what if you take a walk instead?

If you want chocolate, grab 1-2 mini's to satisfy the craving and head back to your desk.

Aside from these options, you could also stock up on snacks for your desk. That's why they give you a key to your filing cabinet, right? To hide your snacks? Ohhhh... the confidential business information... right, right.

Here are a few ideas for some work snacks:

1. Banana or apple + peanut butter

2. Greek yogurt cup + granola (you'll need a fridge for this one)

3. Nut mix, such as seasoned almonds, pistachios, or cashews

4. Tuna packet + crackers

5. Meat + cheese + crackers (you'll need a fridge for this one, too)

Key takeaways: Fueling for your goals will allow you to achieve them in a more timely manner, although eating less nutritional snacks here and there is not going to derail your progress.


Katharine Moustakes
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