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How to Set up for Barbell Deadlift

Today we have a how-to video on my all-time favorite lift: deadlifts. I always joke because Alec was the one who taught me how to deadlift 8-9 years ago. Now I teach it for a living 🤣.

Key takeaways: 1. Perform barefoot or in flat-soled shoes. This will help you stabilize from the ground up. 2. Plant your feet first. For conventional stance, keep your feet directly under your hips with toes facing forward. Sumo stance will vary, but your feet will be placed outside of shoulder-width with toes angled out. 3. Stand with the bar directly over your mid-foot. 4. Before grabbing the bar, bring your shoulders back and stack your spine with a braced core. 5. Before lifting off, take the slack out of the bar. Happy deadlifting!


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