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How to approach holidays with fitness and nutrition

The holidays are here! With Thanksgiving this week, this is only the beginning on the madness (fun madness, but still madness). I'm hoping you took my advice on creating your list of non-negotiables because now is the time to really lean on them and prioritize what you have committed to.


I understand that some friends and family are more/less understanding when it comes to exercise and nutrition around the holidays. Some may question why you're prioritizing a 45-minute workout over time with family, or why you're not eating several servings of homemade pie, but know that you can still enjoy family time and pie (amongst other delicious foods) without ditching exercise for 4-5 days or eating copious amounts of food.


Examples of how to approach the holidays with fitness and nutrition:

1. Prioritizing your workout first thing Thanksgiving morning will allow you to feel good, energized, and present throughout the day with friends and family.


2. Acknowledging your hunger cues surrounding meal times will allow you to eat the foods you enjoy while honoring what your body is telling you.


Thanksgiving and other fall/winter holidays come around every year. This isn't your first Thanksgiving and it won't be your last. Approach your 4-5 day holiday weekends in a healthful and repeatable manner. Your body will thank you.


Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!


Katharine Moustakes
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