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Filtering through fitness fads and trends

Whether we like it or not, trends, fads, and quick fixes aren't going anywhere. They're on our social media channels, TVs, and emails. They're being preached as the next best thing. They're being shared as the secret to answer all your problems. They're mostly: BS. So, how do we filter through the seemingly never-ending pressure to give into it? Knowledge and application. We know that the health and fitness industry is a $30+ billion industry as of 2022. We also know that consistently moving our bodies, eating healthful foods, staying hydrated, managing stress, and sleeping adequately is what encourages life-long health and longevity. So... why does the industry's revenue continue to grow exponentially? Trends, fads, quick fixes, and new gadgets. And buzzwords like metabolism, cortisol, and fat-burning. Now, I'm not here to tell you what you should or shouldn't do with your body, but I am here to tell you that nailing the basics first (movement, nutrition, stress, sleep, and hydration) is going to be a more promising place to start than hyper-fixating on a smaller piece of the puzzle like meal timing, vO2 max, or supplements. It's important to understand that focusing on the big picture with small changes in habits is more sustainable and productive than focusing on the small details with big changes in habits. Trends will continue to come and go, but your health and fitness is for life. If you're going to be bombarded with ads for fads, do your best to surround yourself with educated and reputable sources so you can filter through the bogus and focus on what's working for YOU.

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