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7 on the go protein snack ideas

Protein is an essential macronutrient used for repairing and building tissues, hormones, and the immune system. Although the majority of Americans are not deficient in protein due to our Western diet, there is room for improvement. Let me explain --

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For the average healthy adult that does not exercise, .8g of protein per kg of body weight is sufficient. Sufficient ≠ optimal. Especially if you exercise, seek body composition change, or seek weight changes. I would argue that although most people are not deficient in protein, we could be consuming more to assist in recovery, bodily functions, and fitness goals.


For most adults who exercise, the ISSN (International Society of Sports Nutrition) and I recommend aiming for 1.4-2.0g of protein per kg of body weight. For a 150 lb person, this is 95-136g of protein per day. For a 200 lb person, this is 126-180g of protein per day.


These recommendations can be a significant increase if someone is only consuming nearly half of the amounts suggested above. As a general suggestion, a good place to start would be to aim to consume ~20-40g of protein with each meal. From there, add snacks as you see fit with your goal and satiety levels.

Here are 7 on the go protein snack ideas:


1. Greek yogurt + mixins

A full serving size of Greek yogurt can get you ~15-17g of protein. Add your favorite toppings and you've got a snack! Think: nut butter, seeds, nuts, fruit, whatever you'd like!


2. Tuna + crackers

When I first became a trainer, tuna packets were a go-to of mine. I still consume them somewhat regularly because they're easy, accessible, and have ~15g of protein in one packet. Grab your favorite can or packet of tuna and consume with crackers and/or cheese. Great combination for a source of protein!


3. Hard boiled eggs + veggies

Snack on a couple hard boiled eggs and some veggies for a quick way to get some protein and produce in. It's important to recognize that 1 egg has 6g of protein, so I'd recommend grabbing 2 to get a little more protein in your afternoon snack.


4. Beef, venison, chicken, turkey, or salmon jerky

This is a convenient snack to grab on the go. We love a well seasoned bag of jerky 'round here!


5. Protein shake

Shakes make getting protein in on the go easy. Look for a shake that provides 20-30g of protein per serving. I'd recommend going for a whey isolate, casein, soy, or plant-based (make sure it's a blend of pea AND rice or similar to make it a complete protein. Pea protein on it's own is not complete.). Note: collagen is not a complete protein.


I recommend using Legion for protein powder. Use my code KATHM at checkout to get 20% off your first order or double loyalty points as a returning customer.


6. Protein bar

Along the same lines as a protein shake, a protein bar makes getting protein in on the go quick and easy. Look for a bar that has 15-20g of protein per serving. There are several bars out there that have more/less additives than others. Of course, we would love to get most of our protein intake from whole foods, but I would argue it's also okay to reach for something accessible, tasty, and supports your goals.


7. Edamame

Not only does edamame have protein, it also has various vitamins and minerals. Yay health! Add some seasonings of your choice and enjoy!


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