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4 shoulder press variations

Just like any other variations of an exercise, the shoulder press also has different purposes with different forms. Some may be for the purpose of gaining strength and muscle, whereas others may have the purpose of increasing endurance and power. We'll get into each below. Disclaimer: Having the proper range of motion to safely press overhead is essential to perform some of these shoulder press progressions. 1. Seated Shoulder Press Potentially Builds: strength and muscle Details: requires less stability from the core, isolates the shoulders, and requires more time under tension Level: Beginner+

2. Z Press Potentially Builds: strength, endurance, and stability Details: challenges core stability Level: Intermediate+

3. Single-Arm Landmine Press Potentially Builds: strength, endurance, and power Details: can improve muscular imbalances Level: Beginner+

4. Push Press Potentially Builds: endurance and power Details: offers less time under tension, which is helpful for increasing power Level: Intermediate+

NOTE: You can build strength, muscle, endurance, power, or stability with any of these exercises. All four forms of shoulder presses can potentially be found in my 1:1 training programs, depending on the clients abilities, goals, and current training phase.


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