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3 Post-Thanksgiving Recs

Some of my favorite childhood Thanksgiving memories are the day after Thanksgiving.

We weren't really Black Friday shoppers.

And, I'm still not.

The thought of waiting in line at Walmart for hours for a 50% off TV gives me anxiety just thinking about it.

I'll pay full price from the comfort of my couch, thanks.

Instead, we'd watch Home Alone 1 AND 2, set up the Christmas tree, and eat leftovers.

Now, it's been several years since I celebrated that way, but I still carry some elements of those memories into my post-Thanksgiving festivities and recommendations.

1. Enjoy the leftovers.

How often to you get to eat a juicy turkey?

I'm sorry, but a slice of fresh (or day old) turkey for a turkey sandwich out-does Oscar Mayer any day.

And don't even get me started on the desserts...

Now, I'm not a pie person (I know, I know, I'm the weird one), but my Grammy would make "Chocolate Surprise" ONLY on Thanksgiving OR Christmas. Not both. And at the time, it was the best gosh darn thing a child could ever dream of.

I still have no idea what the recipe includes, so I'm sorry that this is anticlimactic and I can't share details of what the heck the mysterious "Chocolate Surprise" is, but just know that Thanksgiving desserts are meant to be eaten.

Even the day after Thanksgiving.

2. Relax.

Fortunately, it seems like many businesses have adopted having the Friday off after Thanksgiving 🙌🏼.

Take advantage of this.

Continue to spend time with your family and friends.


Watch a movie.

Watch the Huskers beat the Hawkeyes (fingers crossed).

Set up your Christmas decor.

Or don't.

Just give yourself a break!

3. Get outside.

I'm a big fan of REI's form of Black Friday, which is #OptOutside.

This means instead of shopping, go outside! Hike, run, walk, bike, etc.

It's likely a bit chillier out, but hopefully the sun is shining wherever you are.

Bundle up and go for a walk in the brisk air and sunshine.

It's good for the soul.

Regardless, enjoy your 4-day weekend!

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