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3 Exercises for Strengthening Hip Flexors

You've probably heard, or experienced yourself, that your hip flexors are tight. But tightness doesn't necessarily mean strong. They're often tight because most of you work and sit in front of a computer, making your hip flexors stay stationary in a shortened position for several hours of the day. Now although you can't undo several hours of sitting or make up for it, you can strengthen your hip flexors. Your hip flexors are used in several exercises are stabilizers, but here are a few exercises to specifically target them. View the video below for demos of three different exercises for hip flexors.

Exercises for hip flexors : 1. RB knee raises. Place a light loop band over the top of your feet and drive your knee up. 2. Seated L pops. In an "L" position with your body, raise your legs up briefly over the ground. Use your hands to brace yourself, as needed. 3. Front racked marches. Hold the weight at your shoulders and stabilize your core as you drive each knee up.


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