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Be adventure-ready year-round with my self-guided hybrid training program.

Lift - hike - run

Personal Trainer for Hikers

I believe

feeling strong, efficient, and confident in your trail abilities can level up your outdoor adventures.

You enjoy playin'
in the mountains.

There's no doubt about that.


But you want to build strength, endurance, and stability to be stronger and more efficient on the trails.

Hiking in Montana

Dis you?

Having to take frequent pauses to catch your breath on the trail?


Feeling like you’re flailing down the mountain on the descent? We've all been there.


Feeling your hike or run in unwanted or surprising places days after you were on the trails?


Wanting to dabble in exploring on dirt after primarily being a road runner?


Fulfilling the role of the “friend who always rolls their ankle” on the trail? Time to pass the baton!


Worrying about whether or not you’ll be able to carry your dog off the mountain in case of an emergency?

It me.

If you're not sure, maybe this will confirm it:

Hiking in Madeira

KATHLETICS Trail is made for…

the recreational outdoor adventurer, road runner turned trail runner, or weekend warrior hiker, who wants guidance and structure to make type-two fun feel more like type-one fun.


Our hybrid training process

KATHLETICS Trail follows progressive overload to give you the push and pull (pun intended) you need to improve your strength and endurance throughout the year.

Our templated training program is organized to follow the general in-season and off-season most hikers and trail runners adhere to.

In the late fall-early spring, we build muscle and strength. In the late spring-early fall, we build and power and endurance.

Hybrid training cycly

What you get:

- Membership to KATHLETICS app

- Three 45 minute lifting workouts

- Five 20-90 minute cardio and endurance workouts

- One weekly 90+ minute adventure

- Gym and trail warm-ups & cool down

​- Demo videos with explanations for all exercises

​- Easy to follow descriptions of sets, reps, tempo, rest times, and weights


- Suggested exercise swaps and modifications

​- 12 months of workouts updated weekly to encourage progressive overload

​- New workout plan every 4 weeks
​- Exclusive Strava club
​- Progress tracking capabilities
​- Client-only resources
Cancel any time.


Equipment used: barbell, dumbbells, kettlebells, and bench/box.

Modifications and alternative equipment suggestions are provided within each exercise description to accommodate you.

So you can...

Hike and run further with minimal stops.

Feel more stable and controlled in your footings as you descend from the summit.


Carry a heavier pack with more ease on the trail.


Feel confident in the possibility of having to carry your doggo down the mountain in an emergency.


Feel stronger and faster both on and off the trails.

Personal Training App

How it works:

Sign up for your membership to KATHLETICS Trail.


Receive your welcome email.

Set up your profile in ABC Trainerize.

Review and complete all onboarding materials.

Get after your type-two fun!

What people are saying

Now most days I look forward to moving my body rather than it being a chore.

- Amanda G., 1 year with KATHLETICS Trail

It was so nice to have a workout that I “had” to do. Felt so much better afterwards.

- Katie Z., 8 months with KATHLETICS Trail

I'm Katharine Moustakes.

Personal Trainer + Running Coach

If you’re like me, you want to feel strong and confident both on and off the trails.


You want to follow a program that allows you to play in the mountains AND comfortably haul all your gear back inside when the fun is over. Finding time to get out to the trails isn’t easy, so you want to maximize your bang for your buck when it comes to training for them. Get your lifts done in ~45 minutes, complete your cardio as you see fit, and save the weekends for your outdoor adventures.

Katharine Moustakes


When does KATHLETICS Trail start?

KATHLETICS Trail is an ongoing program that you can join at any time. Whether you start on the first of the month or a random Tuesday, you will hop right into the current week of programming that all other KATHLETICS Trail members are doing.

When do I get access to the program?

Once you have purchased your membership and completed all onboarding materials (ABC Trainerize app profile, consultation form, and liability form), you can expect to get access to your program within 48 business hours.

When will I be charged?

The day you sign up. Your payment will recur monthly (or whichever multi-month option you chose) on that same date until cancelled. For example, if you sign up on the 3rd, that's your payment date. If you sign up on the last day of the month, be it the 28th of February or 31st of July, the last day of the month is your payment date.

What if I need to cancel?

You can self-cancel by going to the web version of ABC Trainerize. Sign in and navigate to My Purchases. Click the product’s drop down and select Cancel Auto-renew. If you have any issues, please email

What equipment will I need?

The program is built for barbell + plates, dumbbells, kettlebells, and a bench/box, but all exercises have modifications and equipment alternatives listed within the exercise description.

Do I need lifting experience?

I recommend 6+ months of basic lifting experience. Although, all exercises have demo videos and explanations. Plus, you can utilize the app-messaging feature within ABC Trainerize to receive exercise form checks from your coach.

How long do the workouts last?

Resistance training workouts are programmed for ~45 minutes. It could be longer based on your warm-up and cool down routine. Cardio workouts will vary based on you and your goals. Each cardio workout has a suggested range for duration. Use that as guidance. But, of course, adjust as needed based on your goals and training availability.

Will this be a good program for me even if I'm new to hiking, trail running, or other outdoor adventures?

Absolutely! It's a great idea to follow a resistance training program alongside your outdoor adventures to gain and maintain strength and stability on the trails. All exercise descriptions offer various modifications and modalities if you need to make any adjustments along the way.

Can I switch to a different program?

You bet! You will need to cancel your current membership and purchase your new membership.

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