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So you frequent the trails,
but want to...

hike and run further with minimal stops,

feel more stable in your footings,

have more control on the descent,

be able to carry a heavier pack with more ease,

and, ultimately, feel more confident in your abilities.

You've come to the right place.

Personal Trainer for Hikers

Hiking and trail running require strength, stability, and endurance built on and off the trail.

This training program is specifically organized to allow strength and muscle to be built in the off-season (late fall-early spring) and maintained in the in-season (late spring-early fall).

Each week offers up to three strength training sessions, and up to five cardio endurance training sessions. You tailor your week to you, your goals, your schedule, and your abilities. 

The strength training workouts are structured to provide progress week-after-week while also allowing the opportunity to be recovered for your other strength and endurance sessions.

The cardio sessions are structured similarly to allow for cardiovascular and muscular endurance adaptations. We will primarily work within heart rate zones 2-4 with the occasional zones 1 and 5.

KATHLETICS Trail program provides you clarity to help you gain strength for all of your outdoor adventures.

Regardless of season, this program will keep you type-2-fun-ready year-round.

What you get:

- Membership to KATHLETICS app

- 3 lifting workouts + 5 cardio and

endurance workouts

- Suggested warm-up & cool down

- Workouts updated weekly to encourage progressive overload

- Demo videos with explanations for all exercises

- Easy to follow descriptions of sets, reps, tempo, rest times, and weights

- Accountability via app-messaging from your coach & community

- Exclusive Strava club

- Progress tracking capabilities

- Client exclusive resources


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Personal Trainer for Trail Runners
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Have questions? Check out the FAQs.

Equipment used: barbell, dumbbells, kettlebells, and bench/box.

Modifications will be provided for those without equipment.


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