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What You Need vs Don't Need to Workout

I'm going to lose my marbles if I see one more fitspo make it seem like their matching two-piece outfit or branded shaker bottle is what makes or breaks their workout.

You don't need:

name brand shoes

matching shirt/legging sets

fancy gym equipment

protein powder

greens juice

1+ hours

15+ exercises

or any other bs

You do need:

your body

a coachable mindset

to warm-up

adherence and consistency


items you can use as weights (dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, soup cans, backpack filled with wine bottles, whatever you can find)

a water bottle or access to water

It's nice to follow social media accounts that are aesthetic or walk you through their pre-, intra-, and post-workout routine, but often times we can simplify it.

Some of my best lifts have been done in a groutfit with a hat on and no shoes on.

Make your workouts simple and accessible, and you will always get it done.

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