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What self-care really means

Self-care has clearly gained traction over the last several years. It appears as more of a luxury than anything else. "Treat yo'self!", "Self-care Sunday", etc.

When you think of self-care, you likely think:

- Buying a new piece of gear

- Taking PTO

- Binge watching your favorite show

- Having a glass of wine in the bath

- Going to the spa

More often than not, self-care looks different than a treat yo'self moment.

Self-care is also sticking to your lifting schedule, even when you're not feeling motivated.

Self-care is also eating a g'damn vegetable after realizing one of your "meals" today was a family size bag of chips.

Self-care is also going for a walk around the block when you'd rather sink into your couch.

Self-care is also going to bed 30 minutes earlier to ensure you feel refreshed tomorrow morning.

Self-care is also choosing to workout for 20 minutes instead of skipping completely.

Self-care is also reading a book instead of doom scrolling.

Self-care is providing you, your body, and your mind a space to be slightly better than the day before.

Self-care is doing the hard things that may not sound fun right now, but that your future-self will be thankful for.

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