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What Habits Are You Continuing in 2022?

Hey, sooo it's February 1st. How are those goals coming along?

January flew by, so maybe now's a good time to refocus.

Did you set aside time to reflect on 2021?

If yes, way to go! If not, let's block out 30 minutes this week to get that done.

What were some habits you built or sustained in 2021 that you want to continue in 2022?

Here are some ideas:

Warming up before your workouts

Turning off your work email for the entire weekend

Going outside for a walk at your lunch break

Seeking adventure, both the small and the big

Drinking water with every meal

Eating vegetables daily

Surrounding yourself with positive people

Before you say, "well, I don't have time for any of that", I want you to think long and hard about how you can implement just 1% of one of the suggestions above.

Can you finish up your work email while you warm-up for your workout for 5 minutes?

Can you set aside an hour on Saturday and Sunday to review work emails instead of letting it have free reign the entire weekend?

Can you step outside for 3 minutes at your lunch break?

Can you schedule time with your partner to eat dinner uninterrupted 1 night per week?

Can you set a water bottle in front of you at your work station?

Can you swap veggies for chips 1 night per week?

Can you unfollow social media accounts that don't provide you joy?

These are all teeny tiny steps that will lead to big outcomes, even if you just choose one item to focus on.

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