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What 1:1 online programming with KATHLETICS looks like

Online programming is one of the best ways to work with me if you're looking for an opportunity to workout on your own time while still having your trainer heavily involved in your programming and success.


I believe meeting each individual where they are is the most successful way to achieve goals. Each person has different needs and ways they best respond to adaptations. As a team, the client and I identify how we want to improve strength, endurance, and fueling to take a comprehensive approach. What mobility work that needs to be addressed? What muscles could be stronger or increase muscular endurance? What nutritional habits could be improved? What are the limiting factors? All of these questions are part of our process of making this a personalized experience.

Getting Started

The first step is signing up for my online programming here. From there, clients are sent an extensive consultation form to better get to know them including goals, current and past exercise history, and what they are looking to gain from the KATHLETICS personal training experience.

Once I have this information, clients are prompted to submit a video of a movement assessment, which is essential to program creation. The movement assessment covers +/-6 different movements that allow us to identify any limitations in mobility and potential strengths and weaknesses. This element provides a next level approach to the clients training program. Although I understand how taking videos of oneself can be foreign at first, it gives the client a greater opportunity to improve and have success working with me. This also gives us a chance to look back on how movement patterns have improved over time.

What Programming Looks Like

Depending on client training availability and goals, together we come up with a weekly workout frequency. For example, if a clients availability to train is 30-45 minutes 3-4x/week, we create a program tailored to specifically to this. We wouldn't build out 60+ minute workouts 5x/week for someone if we've identified that wouldn't be regularly attainable. Remember, there isn't a perfect frequency or duration of exercise. The "perfect" frequency is whatever the client can commit to consistently.

Most programs will include resistance training workouts consisting of bilateral and unilateral push/pull exercises for both the upper and lower body, as well as core. Here is a list of 8 movement patterns likely to be found in a KATHLETICS training program. Of course, there will be a prescribed warm-up and cool down to complete, as well. A cardio program will be written based on client training availability and goals, too. Strength training and cardio endurance are both important for overall health.

How We Work Together

Aside from programming, clients can reach out to me at any time with questions, comments, or concerns to collaborate on what's working well and what could improve. Training clients can expect to hear from me weekly for our check-in. Similarly to the consultation form, these weekly check-ins are important for the client to be as detailed as possible to ensure I can provide valuable coaching. Clients can also expect me to request a video of at least one exercise per week to ensure form is improving as they continue to get stronger. This video is either requested by me or if there are specific exercises clients want me to assess, I am at their disposal. Form checks help us learn what areas, if any, could be further addressed.

Bringing It All Together

Clients love having access to their program at their finger tips! The KATHLETICS fitness app makes training easy to follow with exercise videos, program details (reps, sets, RPE, weights, rest times, and tempo), and app-messaging with the coach (hi, it me) centrally located in one place.

Learn more about my online programming.


Katharine Moustakes
Hey, friend!

I'm Katharine.

I'm a personal trainer, running coaching, and nutrition coach who's stoked about lifting, the outdoors, summit snacks, and my dog.


I understand that fitness is not your whole life. Fitness is a PART of your life. I approach training in a way that adds value to your life and longevity, so you can enjoy being active whether you're romping around in the mountains, playing with your kids, or signing up for your first 10K race.

I'm here to meet you where you are, so you can train safely and effectively, and gain strength and confidence both in the gym and on the trails.

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