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Warm-Ups for Hikers

Are you warming up before your hikes?

Don't get me wrong, I've hopped out my car and hit the trail without even thinking about warming up before.

You get so caught up in sticking to the timeline (can you tell I'm an Enneagram 1?), rushing to see the sunrise, or getting hyphy with your friends that you're like f*ck it, LET'S ROLL.

It's all fun and games until you get injured.

Some of the most common post-hike aches are hip flexors, low back, and traps.

As you know, strength training certainly helps prevent those aches, pains, and soreness, but it doesn't make you bullet proof. We have to continue doing the work outside of your lift.

Word of advice: get to the trailhead 5-10 minutes earlier so you can warm-up.

Maybe even do a couple warm-ups at home before you leave. Although, if the hike is a drive, you'll likely still need to warm-up when you arrive.

Quick warm-up for your next hike:

Dynamic hip flexor stretch, 10 reps/side

Hamstring sweeps, 10 reps/side

Runners lunge, 8 reps/side

Shoulder circles, 10 reps/direction

High knees, 30 sec

Butt kickers , 30 sec

These are all in KATHLETICS Trail for you to easily access in your program. If you don't have cell service at the trailhead, screenshot the warm-up exercises so you can have them on-hand.

Stay healthy and keep your muscles warm!


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