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The Power of Micro-Adventures

Are you a big dreamer with plans of endless adventures?

To the point that the adventure list in your Notes is getting a little out of control?


I probably have just about every National Park west of Denver listed on mine, along with 50 other wonders in different countries and continents.

(Okay maybe I haven't written all of those out, but they're DEFINITELY in my head!)

I like to think it's a good problem to have. Always striving for new experiences.

What we often forget about are micro adventures.

Micro adventures are small, yet meaningful adventures. Some even more meaningful than the extravagant adventures.

A micro adventure could be as simple as:

Walking the neighborhood trail that you haven't checked out yet.

Hopping in the car with your doggo to watch the sunset at a new location.

Trying a new activity in the company of your significant other.

Micro adventures take less planning and preparation. Perhaps they're a bit more spontaneous.

These lil experiences keep us grounded and in the moment. Make time for micro adventures, too.

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