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The best diet is...

When you think of dieting, what do you think of?

Is it a Weight Watchers infomercial? Is it a fitspo influencer telling you to buy their latest diet products? Is it cutting out all sugar and alcohol?

Once you identify what first comes to mind, ask yourself why it comes to your mind first and how it makes you feel.

I'm not going to sit here and tell you that dieting is fun or easy. It's not. It requires habitual practice. As we know, that's how growth works, right? For example, if you have to give a presentation at work, you learn, practice, and prepare for it. The same goes for dieting. If you want to improve your eating habits, you learn and practice.

Good news, though:

There isn't one perfect diet.

The best diet is one you can stick to.

If going out to eat is part of your routine, learn how to eat out while achieving your goals.

If enjoying a dessert with your family is important to you, learn how to eat dessert AND voluminous foods.

If having some brewskies with your neighbors is a weekly tradition, learn how to fit in alcohol with your goals.

When choosing a diet, think about what's important to you.

If it's important to you, don't eliminate it (i.e., having a drink with your S/O every Friday).

If it makes you feel good mentally and/or physically, don't eliminate it.

If you enjoy it, but it doesn't make you feel good, consider reducing it.

If you eat something out of habit, but it's not bringing you joy or nourishment, consider reducing it.

As cliche as it is, balance is key. Although balance will look different day-to-day, week-to-week, and person-to-person.

Start practicing how to fuel for your life.


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