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So You Skip Your Warm-up, Eh?

[Insert a nice way of saying STOP IT] Skipping out on your warm-up could potentially mean: 1. You are short on time, so you need to start your workout asap. 2. "It's one time, I'll be fine." 3. You don't care if you get injured. The reasoning is likely 1 or 2, but who knows 🤪.

Consider the warm-up as part of your workout. Spend 5-7 minutes at the start of your workout dynamically stretching, activating muscles that have a harder time engaging (ie, glutes), and getting your blood flowing. My go-to warm-ups: Dynamic hip flexor stretch T-spine openers Band monster walks Band rows I usually do more, but the ones above are a must for me before ANY lift. Depending on the amount of weight you're picking up and putting down in your workout, you will likely need to add in some warm-up sets before your working sets. For example: Even if you can lift 225+ pounds in a barbell lift, I still suggest starting with the bar (45 lbs) to get in the rhythm and add from there. Safety first, my friends. Happy lifting!


Katharine Moustakes
Hey, friend!

I'm Katharine.

I'm a personal trainer, running coaching, and nutrition coach who's stoked about lifting, the outdoors, summit snacks, and my dog.


I understand that fitness is not your whole life. Fitness is a PART of your life. I approach training in a way that adds value to your life and longevity, so you can enjoy being active whether you're romping around in the mountains, playing with your kids, or signing up for your first 10K race.

I'm here to meet you where you are, so you can train safely and effectively, and gain strength and confidence both in the gym and on the trails.

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