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Prioritizing Your Workouts During Holidays

We've come to the season of busy-ness.

Family get-togethers, friends visiting town, work parties, and holidays. Just about every type of gathering you can imagine seems to fall in the month of December.

On top of the gatherings, you're still juggling that ol' thing called life. The one where you still have to do day-to-day tasks, go grocery shopping, do the laundry, call your mom, and, oh yeah, train.

I hope that you use training as a way to decompress and get some YOU time. With that said, here are a few tips on to prioritize your workouts when you don't have the time.

1. At the beginning of the week (likely Sunday), identify:

- Work schedule

- Social outings

- Appointments

2. Identify potential challenges:

- Late nights / early mornings due to items mentioned above

- Added stress

- Possible reschedules

3. How many training sessions can you complete? 4? 3? 2? 1?

Here are some examples of how you could split up your workouts:

4 workouts

Lift - Anterior, Unilateral, & Posterior AND Cardio - Short Cardio


Lift - Anterior & Posterior AND Cardio - Short & Long Cardio

3 workouts

Lift - Anterior, Unilateral, & Posterior


Lift - Anterior & Posterior AND Cardio - Short Cardio

2 workouts

Lift - Anterior & Posterior


Life - Unilateral AND Cardio - Short Cardio

1 workout

Lift - Unilateral (AND Hill Sprints if you can add it on at the end)

4. Will your "normal" workout during fit in your workout window?

If yes, awesome!

If no, still workout! Just do less.

Here are some suggestions of how you could shorten your workout below:

- Do the main movement(s) + 2 accessory exercises

- Reduce the number of sets for all exercise to 3

- Pick one modality (dumbbells, kettlebell, bands) and do your workout with just that. This will reduce the time spent running around the gym searching for equipment like a mad woman.

- Reduce your rest times

Remember, something is always been than nothing!

Now let's conquer the rest of 2021!

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