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Pre-Workout Fuel

And no, I don't mean the pre-workout dry scoop straight to your face hole.

We're taking about real food here.

I understand some people choose to not eat before their lift. I would give the "okay" to this on certain circumstances (i.e., you're lifting at 5am), but in most cases, I suggest consuming food to some degree before you workout. Eating before your workout will provide you with energy to expend, aka more strength #gainz.

Below are some feeding suggestions based on time out from workout.

< 60 minutes

Something light. Low-medium protein, high-medium carb, lower fat, and low fiber.

Examples: banana, toast, oatmeal, etc.

Within two hours

Light meal/snack. Medium protein, medium-high carb, and lower fat.

Examples: bagel + Greek yogurt, deli meat + cheese + crackers, etc.

2-4 hours

Full meal. High protein, high-medium carb, low-medium fat.

Examples: salmon + rice + veg, chicken + potato + veg, deli meat sandwich with cheese and veg, etc.

I would highly suggest eating within 4 hours of your workout.

Gotta fuel your gains!

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