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New Year, New You?

New Year, New Me

That's old news.

You may be feeling like you’ve been robbed of the last couple years due to the effects of the ol’ panorama.

Maybe 2022 is bringing you a sense of “this is the year!

I hope that for you.

On the other hand, I also hope you enter 2022 in a way of not necessarily starting over, but as an enhanced extension of what currently exists.

What went well for you in 2021?

Is that something you can continue in 2022?

Or, what’s something that could be better if you made a small tweak?

There’s more than just eating and working out that make up health.

What your sleep routine looks like,

What you think of yourself,

Who you surround yourself with,

How you manage your stress,

How you handle situations at work, and

How much water you consume.

These are all pieces of the puzzle that make up your health.

Instead of focusing on only one or two areas and making drastic changes (i.e., switching from a 3x/week to a 6x/week workout regime, or eating take out 6x/week to 0x/week), I challenge you to think of ways to improve yourself by a single notch in many of these aspects.

This could look like:

- Eating 1 more serving of vegetables per day

- Committing to a daily warm-up

- Going to bed 15 minutes earlier or developing a nighttime routine

- Telling yourself 3 things you like about yourself each morning

- Distancing yourself from a friend who has become a negative influence or presence

- Unfollowing people on social media who no longer serve you

- Seeking therapy

- Finding a new hobby

- Setting boundaries at work

- Using a water bottle you like and always keeping it in sight

Small actions lead to BIG outcomes.


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