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"I'll Just Wait Until After New Years..."

Have you said this? Waiting until after the holidays to add lifting to your routine is an example of an all or nothing approach. Society has taught you that if you’re going to do something you have to do it all right now and perfectly or you fail.

[Enter, "the holidays + work + family + vacation + life = I won't be able to work out consistently = I won't try at all and push it off 'til January"] Lifting is something that you’ll add to benefit your life, your hikes, your runs, your strength, your confidence, and your endurance. Starting, or continuing, during the busy holiday season allows you to adapt and adjust for sustainable actions.

Sustainability is key, my friend. Sustainability isn't just some flashy word. It's truly how you will want to build your fitness habits around your life. This makes fitness a part of your life, not just 12 weeks per year. The holiday season AND lifting AND hiking/running can be enjoyed simultaneous, even with reduced training sessions.

Examples of ways to reduce or start minimally:

- Workout 2x/week vs 4x/week

- Reduce your workout time from 45 minutes to 25 minutes

- Break up your workout into two 15-minute sessions in a day

- Focus on getting in daily movement vs. a structured workout

Set yourself up long-term success by starting or continuing through the next months (and forever 😘).

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