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Hydration Station (non-water edition)

When you think of hydration, you likely think of water.

You're not wrong. Water is a main source of hydration. But there are other ways to consume water without drinking solely water.

I shared a 2016 study with a client within the past couple months that reviewed urine of recreationally active males to determine hydration index across many types of drinks (PMID: 26702122).

According to the study, the most hydrating fluids were skim milk, full fat milk, orange juice, and oral rehydration solution. Although coffee came in last for hydration, it was not significantly less hydrating than still water, sparkling water, pop, diet pop, tea, sports drink, or beer.

This is not me suggesting to only consume coffee all day... Continue to prioritize water consumption, please and thank you.

Aside from other beverages, here are many foods that are hydrating due to their high water content:

- Berries

- Celery

- Cottage cheese

- Cucumber

- Lettuce

- Oranges

- Peaches

- Peppers

- Soup

- Tomatoes

- Watermelon

- Yogurt

- Zucchini

As you can see, many fruits, vegetables, and dairy products can be found on this list. Staying hydrated doesn't have to be boring and bland. You can achieve it through more than water, although I always encourage you to have a hydration station set up with at least one of the beverages being water.

Stay hydrated, friends.


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