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How to Set Up for a Barbell Squat

Ah squats.

To be honest, it's personally my least favorite of the compound movements.

But I know what's good for me, and squats are that.

We squat in the gym because we squat in daily life.

Whether or not you realize it, you squat to pick up a dropped pen on the floor,

you squat to get down on your dogs level, you squat to sit into a chair, etc.

It's a functional movement that I encourage everyone to do.

This video is specifically for setting up a barbell squat.


1. Set the j clips to a height where the barbell hits at mid shoulder.

2. Place your hands on the bar first to ensure your spacing is equal.

3. When you are under the bar, make sure your back is tight and wrists are strong.

4. Before removing the bar from the rack, make sure both feet are underneath the bar (not staggered).


Katharine Moustakes
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