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How does the scale make you feel?

When you hop on a scale, does the number make you feel positive emotions (happy, proud, etc.), negative emotions (sad, disappointed, etc.), or nothing at all? A scale can be a helpful tool if your goal is to gain weight or lose weight. Scales provide one piece of information: which direction weight is trending. Yes, some scales claim they can tell you your body fat percentage, BMI, bone mass, and water mass, but ultimately we're focusing on weight for today's email. Scale weight is one data point of weight gain or weight loss. The scale can't share: - How you feel - How your clothes fit - How you've been sleeping - How you've been managing stress - Strength markers - Endurance markers - Mobility changes - Healthful habit additions - How day to day activities feel The bullet points listed above are much more telling than what one number can describe, right? Right. I encourage you to evaluate if the scale initiates any type of emotion. Whether it's a positive or negative emotion, you are giving it undeserved power. If it is challenging to look at the scale objectively, as one piece of data, I would suggest refraining from using a scale. If you can easily look at the scale objectively and weight gain or weight loss is part of your goal, consider using it as one piece of data. A number on a scale does not get the authority to have power over you. Think on it.


Katharine Moustakes
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