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Have you "fallen off the wagon" before?

Let's Reframe "Falling off the Wagon" Let me guess, at one time or another you've said, "ugh, I fell off the wagon last week", or "I derailed my progress over the weekend". You've been lead to believe that one "wrong" move will essentially bring you back to square one. Good news: It doesn't! Progress isn't linear.

And the quicker we acknowledge that, the quicker we'll understand that "falling off the wagon" is part of the growth process. The expectation of starting a healthful diet or a workout regime and sticking too it 100% of the time is completely unrealistic. Heck, even 90% can often be unrealistic. You're going to have weeks where life is a bit more predictable, so you can effortlessly focus on your eating habits and lifting/cardio sessions. And, you're going to have weeks where work and family have you spread so thin that even getting a 10 minute walk in or a meal at the dinner table seems effortful. This doesn't mean the progress that you've made is suddenly going to disappear or bring you back to square one. This means that perhaps you need to prioritize work and family this week, then, as things calm down, you can get back to the weights and healthful eating habits. Remember, fitness is for life. Not just for 12 weeks. You got this!


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