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Don't overcomplicate health

We have to stop overcomplicating health.


If we followed the advice from social media, we'd have nothing else to eat, drink, or ways to move.

"Don't eat bread!"

"Don't eat broccoli!"

"Don't eat corn!"

"Don't drink water!"

"Don't do deadlifts!"

"Don't do overhead presses!"


I literally CAN. NOT.


The internet is constantly scaring us into believing that the basics don't work. Yet, only 10% of Americans consume enough vegetables per day, only 12% of Americans consume enough fruits per day, and only 24% of Americans meet the recommended exercise minutes per week. We cannot be taking advice from people who are suggesting against consuming more fruits and vegetables or against moving our bodies more.


I'm here to share: the basics DO work. Why you might feel like they don't is because sticking to healthful actions is hard when it isn't a routine to us (yet). What we need is consistency of doing the things we know that work. Consistency is not 5 days, 2 weeks, or 1 month. Consistency is months and years of deliberate and healthful actions.


Things we know improve health:

- Strength training

- Cardiovascular training

- Consuming more protein

- Consuming more produce

- Consuming more less-processed food

- Sleeping 7-9 hours per night

- Getting outside

- Drinking more water

- Drinking less alcohol

- Walking more


Things we don't need to do to improve health:

- Follow fad diets (blood type diets, keto diets, low carb diets, low fat diets, carnivore diets, etc.)

- Eliminate foods (exception: allergies)

- Avoid specific movement patterns (exceptions: injury or restricted by your physician)

- Fancy recovery tools


Don't overcomplicate health. We want to nail down the basics (and I mean NAIL them) of what we know improves health before jumping to other options.


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