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Ditch Your Shoes

Your stability starts in your feet.

Yup, here I go... talking about feet.

Think of your feet as having 3 points —

1, your heel,

2, head of your big toe (pad below your big toe),

3, head of your pinky toe (pad below your pinky toe)

You want these three points in contact with the ground when lifting, especially for lower body exercises. Now, if you’re not working out at home, maybe be careful with taking your shoes off at a

public gym 🤣.

An alternative would be to wear flat soled shoes to help ground your feet. (I wear Nike Metcons).

If you feel your ankles or knees wobbling when you squat, deadlift, lunge, or step-ups, START HERE with your feet.

It takes time to develop, especially when it’s new or feels unnatural. But it’ll transfer over into your everyday movements + hiking + trail running, etc. Ya know, the fun stuff 🤩

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