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Cost-Benefit of Recovery

Recovery is an essential part of progress. Your body/muscles need rest and recovery to reap the benefits of all the hard work you're putting into the gym. Though, with multiple targeted ads, it can be confusing on what is actually necessary for recovery. Do you need a massage gun? Do you need supplements? Do you need cryotherapy? etc. In short, no. In long, maybe those things could help, but the basic necessities of recovery are on the spectrum of free to inexpensive. For cheap/in-expensive and beneficial for recovery, think: - Quality sleep - Hydration - Getting outside/in the sun daily - Moving regularly - Meditation - Quality nutrition - Socializing/having a support system - Music/podcasts - Taking a rest day For expensive (listed from cheapest to most expensive) and beneficial for recovery, think: - Supplements - Massage gun - Personal trainer who properly programs load - Having a low stress life/career - Wearables (Apple Watch, Garmin, Polar, etc.) - Chiropractic care - Massage therapy - Normatec - High quality mattress - Cryotherapy For cheap and harmful for recovery, think: - Poor stress management - Poor nutrition habits - Low quality mattress - Excessive screen time (tv, computer, phone, all of it!) For expensive and harmful for recovery, think: - Drinking alcohol - Smoking

Thanks to Jason Koop for sharing this cost-benefit recovery quadrant visual from Dr. Peter Tierney, as seen below.

Looking over these, this doesn't mean you need to go quit your job tomorrow because it causes higher stress, or buy a massage gun. These are just simply a way of recognizing what you're already doing or not doing and identifying where you could improve if it fits your life and budget.


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