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Cardio Isn't Just for Weight Loss

In fact, cardio alone likely won't contribute to weight loss unless you pair that with a calorie deficit.

The same goes for lifting. Lifting alone won't contribute to weight loss unless you pair it with a calorie deficit.

Yes, you might put yourself in a calorie deficit if you keep your food the exact same and add cardio/weights, but there are other factors to consider.

Anywhozer, that's not my point.

My point is cardio is for anyone striving for better health.

When I started my fitness journey, I only did cardio.

Then I overtrained and did lots of cardio and lots of lifting.

Then I only lifted.

Then when I started doing cardio again, WOOF.

I learned my lesson the hard way.

Just like lifting, cardio has multiple health benefits:

Improves heart health

Decreases resting heart rate

Provides stress relief

Improves mood, sleep, and energy

Fortunately, there are several methods to choose from, so you can do what you like!

Run, walk, bike, hike, ski, snowboard, swim, row, elliptical, step ups, stair stepper, dance, jump rope, etc.

The important thing is that you're moving for at least 10 minutes with an elevated heart rate.

Regardless of your goals, incorporating cardio will benefit you.


Katharine Moustakes
Hey, friend!

I'm Katharine.

I'm a personal trainer, running coaching, and nutrition coach who's stoked about lifting, the outdoors, summit snacks, and my dog.


I understand that fitness is not your whole life. Fitness is a PART of your life. I approach training in a way that adds value to your life and longevity, so you can enjoy being active whether you're romping around in the mountains, playing with your kids, or signing up for your first 10K race.

I'm here to meet you where you are, so you can train safely and effectively, and gain strength and confidence both in the gym and on the trails.

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