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6 things the diet industry wants you to think are abnormal

Just when I think the fitness industry is getting better with their recommendations, another article comes out about how something completely normal and common "needs to be fixed" so here's this product that's going to "FiX aLL YoUr PrObLeMs". Ugh. Red flags to watch for in the media are "secrets", "fix", "completely removes", or extremely definitive words like "always" and "never". I can tell you fairly confidently that there are very few instances where "always" and "never" are applicable in the fitness industry. Here is a list of things that society deems as abnormal that are, in fact, completely normal: 1. Weight fluctuations. Hi, we're not robots who eat the same exact thing every day or eat the same exact amount every day. Last I checked, we're humans. Humans eat various foods, experience various stressors, have various hormones, and fluctuate in hydration, all of which are going to impact day to day weight fluctuations. This is normal. You don't need to go on an extreme diet or do really hard workouts to compensate. Psst, it's not going to be sustainable if you do decide to go on an extreme diet or workout plan. 2. Periods of more/less stress. Again, last I checked, we're humans. Sometimes we have more or less stress in our lives based on jobs, family life, social life, and other stressors. Remember, not all stress is negative, but positive stress is still stress. 3. Cellulite. Cellulite is completely normal on all sizes of bodies, although it's more typical for women to have it. Someone can be extremely lean and still have cellulite. Strong, lean muscle and cellulite can co-exist. You don't need to buy cellulite removing products if you don't want to. 4. Skin that moves. Skin is meant to be mobile. It is okay that your legs jiggle. It is okay that your arms jiggle. Just like cellulite, strong, lean muscle and skin that moves can co-exist. You don't need to do 100 tricep extensions to make your arms jiggle less. Remember, spot reduction isn't a real thing. 5. Hair growth/loss. Sometimes hair grows in unexpected places. Sometimes hair grows more in expected places. Sometimes hair is lost in unexpected places. Sometimes more hair is lost in expected places. Hair growth and hair loss are both normal bodily functions as we age. You don't to buy hair removal or hair growth products if you don't want to. 6. Body odor. It is normal to smell different after a workout than you did before. It is normal to smell different after being outside than you did before. Now I'm not encouraging you to never shower or wear deodorant again, but just know we have ALL stunk at one time or another and that's okay. Body odor is normal. Disclaimer: if you are concerned about the rate of any of the things above, please talk to your doctor. Moral of the story: we all experience these things at different times in our lives. You're not broken. You don't need to fix anything. You don't need to go by these "earth shattering" products. You can just be.


Katharine Moustakes
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