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5 Power Exercises for Speed on the Trails

Power is one of the phases of training that you find in KATHLETICS Trail (and many other fitness programs). Power takes the strength that you've built and puts it into use at a higher speed.

A key part of this is that higher speed does not mean less control. Power still requires control of the movement and muscle contraction.

Power is an important phase for hikers and trail runners because of the quick movements required of hiking and running. You will want power for hiking so you can climb mountains at an efficient rate, dodge rocks, and move fluidly. For example, you need power to step onto a big rock and propel yourself up and over it. The same goes for trail running. Your legs move quickly while running (regardless of speed), so power exercises help build, maintain, and use the strength necessary to carrying you up the trail.

Below is a video of 5 different power exercises to help increase your speed on the trails, whether that hiking or trail running. Take a look!

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