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5 of My Favorite Colorado Trails

If you're anything like me, you could spend hours scrolling through AllTrails trying to find the perfect trail to hike.

Although I often find it fun, it can also be overwhelming. Hopefully this list can provide you a couple trails to check out in 2022!

Before I share my favs, I want to preface this by saying, I don't always love sharing trails.

Yes, I want everyone to see the beauty nature has to offer, but I also want to make sure we preserve the trails as much as possible! If you choose these trails, please pack in what you pack out, and stay ON the trail. ❤️

My list is ever-growing, but here are 5 trails I suggest checking out:

1. Silver Dollar Lake & Murray Trail

I love this one in the summer when you get the combination of the blue lakes, greenery, mountain tops, and bluebird skies.

Distance: 4.1 mi (extra .5 mi if you do not have a high clearance vehicle)

Vert: 1,066'

Type: Out & back

Rating: Moderate

2. Meadow View & Bergan Peak

Great all year-round, even with snow! Just make sure you have the proper attire.

Distance: 9.5 mi

Vert: 1,988'

Type: Out & back

Rating: Moderate

3. Rainbow Lake, Miners Creek, & Peaks Loop Trail

This one is beautiful in the fall! You get all the autumn colors in Frisco.

Distance: 4.7 mi

Vert: 603'

Type: Loop

Rating: Easy-Moderate

4. Bear Peak via Shanahan Ridge

Bear Peak easing you into this hike at the start. The last +/-.75 of the ascent is a bear (lol, pun INTENDED), but the 360 views are worth it!

Distance: 5.0 mi

Vert: 2,673'

Type: Out & back

Rating: Challenging

5. Grays & Torreys Peaks

Although I've only completed a small amount of 14ers, these two paired together have been the most beautiful ones I've hiked. This hike is not for beginners. This is an advanced hike that I'd recommend going with others who have experience with hiking 14ers.

Distance: 8.1 mi

Vert: 3,622'

Type: Out & back

Rating: Challenging +

Can't wait to hear about all of your hiking adventures!

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