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3 Supplements to Aid Recovery

Supplements can be a helpful tool for recovery. Although, remember supplements are just that, a supplement to your current practices. They do not replace the importance of nutrients from real food.

Supplements can aid in recovery, if and when necessary. Below are a few to consider.

Please note: no supplements are required to achieve results. Consult your physician and/or dietitian for further supplement guidance. For a Registered Dietitian, I recommend Taylor Larosee at

1. Protein

Protein intake affects the maintenance and building of your muscles, and can ultimately affect how you respond to your training. If you find it difficult to consume enough protein daily, a protein shake could be a helpful and accessible way to increase your intake. Protein powder is often more affordable per serving than a serving of meat, fish, or other protein source. Plus, it's quick and easy to grab as a snack when you're on the go.

2. Fish Oil

Nothin' like lubing up your joints with some fish oil! Unless you're consistently consuming fish daily, you could likely benefit from taking fish oil. Fish oil provides the omegas we often lack. In general, Americans get plenty of Omega-6s and not enough Omega-3s. Omega-3s support heart health and help decrease inflammation.

3. Magnesium

A supplement of magnesium can be beneficial for strength training individuals (you) to boost recovery. Magnesium can increase your exercise performance (by helping you recover), enhance your health health, and aid with sleep (hello, where much of your recovery occurs). There are different kinds of magnesium, so confirm with your physician or dietitian which would be best for you.


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