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3 Questions to Ask Yourself Weekly

Weekly check-ins are important if you want to improve ANYTHING.

Whether you’re trying to improve your workout consistency, your meal contents, or your sleep quality & quantity, check-in with yourself.

1. What did I do well last week?


Completed all planned workouts.

Ate three servings of vegetables most days.

Improved core stability in deadlift.

2. What are 1-2 things I could focus on and improve this week?


Get ready for bed 15-30 minutes earlier.

Wait to reach for the phone until after breakfast.

Add in a recovery cardio session.

3. How can I set myself up for success this week?


I will schedule my workouts in my calendar to ensure I don't miss a session.

I will prep my lunches on Sunday and Wednesday so I refrain from hitting the drive-thru daily.

I will set a daily bedtime reminder so I will go to bed at similar times.

These three questions are going to be key for meeting yourself where you are and staying accountable for your actions.

These are questions I ask my clients weekly, but also recommend reflecting upon on their own time.

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