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3 Questions to Ask Yourself Weekly

Weekly check-ins are important if you want to improve ANYTHING.

Whether you’re trying to improve your workout consistency, your meal contents, or your sleep quality & quantity, check-in with yourself.

1. What did I do well last week?


Completed all planned workouts.

Ate three servings of vegetables most days.

Improved core stability in deadlift.

2. What are 1-2 things I could focus on and improve this week?


Get ready for bed 15-30 minutes earlier.

Wait to reach for the phone until after breakfast.

Add in a recovery cardio session.

3. How can I set myself up for success this week?


I will schedule my workouts in my calendar to ensure I don't miss a session.

I will prep my lunches on Sunday and Wednesday so I refrain from hitting the drive-thru daily.

I will set a daily bedtime reminder so I will go to bed at similar times.

These three questions are going to be key for meeting yourself where you are and staying accountable for your actions.

These are questions I ask my clients weekly, but also recommend reflecting upon on their own time.


Katharine Moustakes
Hey, friend!

I'm Katharine.

I'm a personal trainer, running coaching, and nutrition coach who's stoked about lifting, the outdoors, summit snacks, and my dog.


I understand that fitness is not your whole life. Fitness is a PART of your life. I approach training in a way that adds value to your life and longevity, so you can enjoy being active whether you're romping around in the mountains, playing with your kids, or signing up for your first 10K race.

I'm here to meet you where you are, so you can train safely and effectively, and gain strength and confidence both in the gym and on the trails.

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