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3 common row mistakes with corrections

Row variations can be used as both compound movements or accessory exercises in a program. The compound version generally being a bilateral version of bent over rows, pendlay rows, inverted rows, or similar. These can also be accessory movements depending on the individual and their goals, along with the unilateral (single-sided) version of rows. Today we're going to focus on talking about your standard bent over row because you can apply these mistakes and corrections to whichever variation you do. Common mistake #1: Rounding your back. Correction: Choose a weight that will allow you to maintain a neutral spine and a strong core. Common mistake #2: Using the traps. Correction: Bring the shoulders down and back (engage your lats) before lowering your torso into a hinged position. Keep your elbows close to your body as you drive the elbows back. Common mistake #3: Pulling too high / elbow winging out Correction: Think about pulling toward your hip in a sweeping motion and keeping your elbows close to your body. Take a closer look at the video below for more guidance.


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