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3 Benefits of High Volume Food

High volume foods are ones that have a higher micronutrient content, but are lower in calories. To preface, low calorie foods are not superior. High volume foods often include fruits, vegetables, grains, and some dairy.

Benefits of high volume food:

1. Eating MORE and getting more bang for your buck. More food isn't a bad thing. When it comes to high volume foods, more food means more nutrients. Yay health!

2. Consuming more micronutrients. Hello, vitamins and minerals! Fruits and vegetables are filled with micronutrients that help your body function properly. Leafy greens and berries are just two examples of vitamin-packed produce.

3. Feeling fuller for longer. Fiber is often found in high volume foods, which helps with feeling satiated.

When it comes to planning or filling your plate, think about having a lean protein alongside two voluminous food.

For example:

salmon + asparagus + rice

chicken + spinach salad + potato

(Yes, potatoes are high volume foods. Maybe just not in the form of chips ;) )

By thinking of your meals in terms of volume vs calories, you can begin to define what a healthful meal looks like for you. Quality influences quantity. Think about it, you probably won't find yourself overeating cauliflower. But if you do, hey, you knocked your vitamin C intake out of park!


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