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Effective Weight Loss

Society will preach _______ diet is "THE BEST" diet to lose weight. La-tee-daaaa. No it's not. Think about it. Does that magazine cover know you? Your genes? Your level of activity? Your eating habits? Your lifestyle? Your schedule? Your health history? Eh, no, probably not. So before you start buying 30 different detox teas and trashing all the carbs in your pantry, WAIT A MINUTE. Talk to a health and fitness professional to discover what type of lifestyle is going to be best for you and your goals.

Understand that intermittent fasting, keto, IIFYM (if it fits your macros), eating 3 meals per day, and eating 5-6 meals per day are ALL effective ways to achieve weight loss. You might be thinking, "How? But I was told ____ is the best way?!" Well, it's about the big picture; it's about consuming less calories than you burn. A calorie deficit can be done by following any of the ways of eating listed above. There isn't a one size fits all in terms of how you lose weight, so it's important to understand your habits and your body before choosing one.

Any of the quick fix or fad diets that you see advertised are not going to be sustainable. Yes, you may lose the weight, but you won't keep it off. That's why they are called "diets". We want to focus on creating a lifestyle. Construct a plan that is suitable for YOU and that will include the foods and drinks you enjoy.

Keep in mind, there is such a thing as not eating enough, which can cause fat gain. Why? I've mentioned this before, but if you aren't eating enough to sustain your body's natural functions, your body will enter starvation mode. This means your body will start storing the food you eat as fat because it doesn't know when it's next meal is coming. Again, talk to health and fitness professional if you aren't sure how much you should be eating.

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- Katharine

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