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September Must-Haves

I can't believe it's already October! Where has the year gone?!

You'll find several YouTubers post their "[month] Favorites", but I'm better at watching YouTube videos than creating them, so from here on out I will blog my favorites from the month in the categories of health, fitness, etc. Let me know what you think!

Simply Balanced Natural Peanut Butter

I went to Target to shop for something else (surprise), and remembered I was running low on PB. I went to check out what brands they sold because I always have trouble finding a completely natural peanut butter (ingredients including only peanuts) that doesn't require you to pay an arm and a leg. Just when I thought I was out of luck, I discovered Simply Balanced. WOW. So far, it is the best natural peanut butter I have come across. It's smooth and not super oily. I usually add it to my yogurt bowls, use it as a topping for protein pancakes, or even eat it by the spoonful... I mean, what? Turns out stumbling through Target and accidentally buying items isn't all a waste!

HERA Leggings

HERAxHERO GiaMetta Floral Leggings

If you haven't heard of this brand, they are fairly new. It's an athleisure clothing line by Sandra Prikker and Chad Nutsch. I'm always a little weary about buying leggings online because the fit isn't consistent brand-to-brand. For example, I am generally a 0-2, which with HERAxHERO sizing would mean I'm an XS, but I sized up to a S because my legs are bigger than my waist. The S size fit perfectly. I probably could have bought an XS, but my calves are happy with a S. They are comfortable and compliment the figure very well with the seams and detailing. I wouldn't say they are "squat proof" because they are slightly sheer. Watch for sales and promos on the HERAxHERO website, because I purchased mine for a fraction of the current price - I'm always on that bargain hunt!

You Are A Badass

You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero

I'm only part-way through this book, but I highly, highly recommend giving it a read. Whether you are exactly where you want to be in life or if you are working on getting there, READ IT. It motivates you, inspires you, pushes you to open your mind, and encourages you to become who you aspire to be. Yay positivity! Now seriously, go read it.


LOL, didn't think you'd see this on the list, did ya? Over the last 9-ish months, I have been really inconsistent with cardio. I stopped doing it as often when I was focusing on doing a lean bulk, but then I injured myself, so cardio didn't appeal to me. Ever since ~April, I have been mostly sticking to HIIT or walking at an incline, which isn't bad, but I truly forgot how much I enjoyed getting my cardio sweat on. Recently, I've been incorporating it more often into my sessions. Cardio makes me feel better and healthier, so it's certainly nice to have it in my routine again. At least for now ;). Moral of the story: do what makes you feel happiest and healthiest - whether you prefer walking, biking, swimming, boxing, lifting, or whatever it may be, just do it! Get your body movin'! Remember, exercise is supposed to be fun, not dreadful.

Stay tuned for October's must-haves after Halloween!


- Katharine

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