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5 Fall Food Favorites

Ah, Fall. The time of year that the leaves begin to color and crunch and the air becomes a bit more crisp. Not only is this a beautiful season, but it also brings along some of the most flavorful whole foods. Check out these fall favorites:



Sliced apples are great for a quick snack. You can eat them with nut butter, cinnamon, add to a salad, or even own their own. I'm not one for baked apples, but they can be a quite a hit for a Thanksgiving dessert.

Sweet Potatoes


One of my absolute favorites! Bake them in the oven, add a little nut butter and cinnamon. UGH. De-licious! If you aren't into the sweetness, slice 'em up, toss them in a little olive oil with your preferred spices, and roast them in the oven. Check out these other 25 sweet potato recipes.



Not only are they great for a quick afternoon snack, but also for adding to a cracker & cheese tray at your next get-together. My favorite option is to top off a leafy green salad with sliced pears and walnuts for some extra crunch and flavor!



Here's another Thanksgiving fan-favorite that provides several health benefits. Cranberries are an excellent option for adding a little sweetness to a meal, such as oatmeal, rice bowls, salads, or desserts for a fall treat.

Pumpkin Seeds


Although Halloween is just around the corner, pumpkins are useful for more than just carving! If you plan to bake or cook with a pumpkin, try to snag a smaller one for better flavor. You can also save the pumpkin seeds and bake them with a little butter and cinnamon or roast them and add to a trail mix.


- Katharine

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