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Top 4 Workouts When in a Time Crunch

Photo by: Hannah Mae Photography

It's not everyday that we get a full hour to dedicate to exercise, but instead of completing skipping a scheduled training day, I would suggest hitting these four movements before calling it a day. All of these exercises use more than one muscle group to give you the most bang for your buck!


Bodyweight squats can be done anywhere! You can do them at the gym, your house, the office, the airport, your hotel room, outside, truly ANYWHERE. To make this movement more difficult, add some weight! If you aren't at the gym and without access to a barbell, kettlebell, or similar, find an item you can hold in front of you to perform a goblet squat. For example, fill up a gallon of water or fill your backpack with a few books. This is one of the best compound movements for anyone whose body and joints are working well.


Again, push-ups can be done anywhere and pull-ups can be done is several different places besides the gym. Although, pull-ups can be a bit tricky depending on grip capabilities. Alternate between a push-up and a pull-up to get that core burning and body movin'!


Another great compound functional movement. You probably perform this movement more often than you think around the house or at work. Need to pick up a box? Deadlift. Drop something on the floor? Deadlift. Even if the object is light, it's still best to lower your body into proper form so we aren't straining the back for a dropped pen.


Why not knock out your whole body at once? Curl for your biceps, press for your shoulders, and lunge for your legs. When you put all three movements together, you get a full-body workout that incorporates your core. All you need is one dumbbell and you're good to go!


- Katharine

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