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Drop These Habits Now

Photo by: Hannah Mae Photography

Bad habits don't become "bad", until they become "habits". Once they become habits, that's when it is difficult to hit the "UNDO" button.

You can work really hard in the gym, but if your nutritional habits aren't matching your efforts in the gym, you will not see the results you are striving for. If you have any of these habits, kick 'em to the curb! Although, my best advice is to ease into it. Quitting cold turkey or flip-flopping your routine completely is going to shock your body and increase the likelihood of you relapsing to those old habits.

Skipping breakfast. HELLO?! Didn't anyone tell you that breakfast is the most important (and delicious) meal of the day?! Breakfast is my ABSOLUTE favorite meal. In fact, I usually have at least two per day! And I hate to be the bearer of bad news but a cup-a-Joe and an 100-calorie granola bar is not going to do your metabolism any good, especially if that's supposed to hold you over until your lunch hour. Eating a well-balanced, nutritious breakfast first thing in the morning has proven to have many benefits such as, increased metabolism, improved focus and mood, and a decreased chance of crashing mid-morning or afternoon.

Overindulging in alcohol. The calorie and sugar content in cocktails, beers, and wines can add up quickly when throwin' 'em back in excess. Plus, drinking can lead to impaired judgment, especially when it comes to food. You may not have been hungry when you first sat down at the bar, but once those nachos go by your table, WOW, does the urge to buy some skyrocket too. If you generally drink 4-5 beverages per night on the weekends, reduce your alcohol intake to 1-2 drinks. If you continue your exercise regime, stay on-point with your nutrition, and reduce your weekly alcohol intake, I can GUARANTEE that you will see results quicker.

Emotional eating. Even since we were young, we have always been taught to reward ourselves with food. Get an "A" on your test? Let's go grab some ice cream! Made the game winning shot? Let's go out for pizza! The connection between food and feelings are very close. Try finding an alternative reward or comfort that won't negatively affect your health.

Avoiding fats. Fat doesn't make you fat. I repeat, fat does NOT make you fat. Overeating and not exercising, amongst several other things, are the causes of weight gain. Good fats are necessary in your diet. They encourage hormonal balance and make you feel fuller for longer. A well-balanced meal should include healthy fats. A few examples are: fish, avocados, nuts, and olive oil.

Which habit are you putting an end to today?


- Katharine

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