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Tips for At-Home Workouts

Working out at home has several perks including convenience, less time consuming, being in the comfort of your own home, and saving on gym membership costs. Although there are many advantages, there are a few challenges to be aware of too. Overcome these potential obstacles with my at-home workout tips below.


One of the most difficult parts of working out at home is getting rid of all the distractions. Pets, kids, a significant other, chores, phones. You're surrounded! Here are a few ways to manage them:

• Put the dog outside or in another room

• Tell your S.O. that you will be working out for the next 30 minutes and request that he or she keeps an eye on the kids in the mean time

• Set time aside to handle the chores later



Along the same lines of distractions, motivation can be hard to find once you change your clothes and sit down from a long day of work. Stick to your original plan and keep your willpower with these tips:

• Plan ahead and physically write your workout on your schedule

• Set out your workout clothes and tennis shoes ahead of time

• Lay out the equipment you plan on using

• Have your workout playlist ready to go


It's convenient to go easy on yourself when no one else is there to push you to your limits. Some people prefer working out at a gym for that very reason - being surrounded by other hardworking and dedicated people and thriving off of their energy. Since exercising at home doesn't give you that additional motivation, here are a few ways to foster that feeling:

• Set a goal and write it down in several places so you are constantly reminded. Keep your eyes on the prize.

• Time yourself - see how fast you can go or how many reps you can complete in X amount of time

• Listen to pump up music (check out my Spotify playlist for some workout tunes)

Also, understand that you do NOT need to purchase equipment for your at-home workout. If you choose to do so, I would recommend investing in resistance bands (I purchased mine from GoFit), a yoga mat or similar, and maybe a pair of dumbbells. But trust me, you can easily get a good burn on without equipment. Follow me on Instagram to view bodyweight exercises you can do anywhere.


- Katharine

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